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Meet Stevie

Holistic Pharmacist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

After 30+ years as a pharmacist, I've finally found my calling.  I am passionate about helping people live their best lives.  Wealth without health is simply no fun.  

I use every tool in the health tool box to find the root cause of disease.  I use genetic reports, extensive blood work and functional medicine tests to evaluate my clients' current health status and health trajectory.  Then my team of Health Coaches and Nutritionists and I work with each client one-on-one to personalize the healing process.  

Knowledge is power.  Personal knowledge is self-empowering.  If you tried many things in the past and had mixed results, know that our targeted methods produce great results.  Our clients usually achieve all of their stated health goals in record time. 

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Yogurt Making Class

Food isn't "like medicine"... it is medicine.

One of the most potent medicinal foods is homemade yogurt.  If you are taking a probiotic because you know the value of a healthy microbiome, you may think you're getting more benefit than you actually are.  

Making your own powerful yogurt from your probiotic capsules stretches your supplement dollars and gives you exponentially more probiotic colony forming units in 1/2 cup than there is in one capsule or tablet. 

You also can control the ingredients to you know it has no additives and is as organic and toxin free (plastic) as possible. 

Plus homemade yogurt is much more delicious than any store bought version.  

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